Virtual Reality based Decision-Making Training for Team Sports


In team sports, decision-making is defined as the tactical choices that players make based on their understanding of the current situation. Previous studies have developed virtual reality prototypes to train decision-making. However, the training of decision-making skills for professional Australian Football League (AFL) players is still unexplored. We are collaborating with AFL specialists to validate components of decision-making training prototype that would benefit their athletes. The study proposes design guidelines for a virtual reality experience for decision-making training for AFL players based on the result of the decision-making training experiment using the prototype developed. This paper presents the work in progress, covering preliminary results from a prototyping workshop investigating the design and future deployment of a virtual reality prototype. Among the current findings, we identify the importance of spatial awareness and propose methods to elevate the spatial awareness of AFL players inside the virtual reality space.


Conference Papers (peer reviewed)

[1] Farah Ditha Farizi, Thuong Hoang, Shaun Bangay, and Stefan Greuter. Developing design guidelines for virtual reality based decision-making training for team sports. In Extended Abstracts of the 2021 Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play, CHI PLAY '21, pages 61–66, Virtual Event, Austria, 2021. Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA. [PDF] [BibTeX]