Interactive Data Capture Technologies


Computer applications are developed that provide customized, innovative and interactive interfaces for gathering specific forms of data. On such project involved the development of a computer application that included 44 images of park features. The application was downloaded to iPads, and enabled participants to rate each image individually while also using symbols to indicate characteristic(s) in each image that had the greatest positive and negative influence on their rating.


Journal Articles

[1] Jenny Veitch, Jo Salmon, Kate Parker, Shaun Bangay, Benedicte Deforche, and Anna Timperio. Adolescents' ratings of features of parks that encourage park visitation and physical activity. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 13(1):1–10, 2016. [PDF] [BibTeX]

Supporting Role in Collaborative Work

[1] Jenny Veitch, Jo Salmon, Benedicte Deforche, Ariane Ghekiere, Jelle Van Cauwenberg, Shaun Bangay, and Anna Timperio. Park attributes that encourage park visitation among adolescents: A conjoint analysis. Landscape and Urban Planning, 161:52 – 58, 2017. [PDF] [BibTeX]

Technical Reports

[1] Jenny Veitch, Anna Timperio, Jo Salmon, Shaun Bangay, and Benedicte Deforche. Examining park features that encourage park visitation and physical activity among adolescents. In International Conference on Diet and Activity Methods 2015, September 2015. [PDF] [BibTeX]