Printing high dynamic range images


High dynamic range (HDR) images provide a greater range of intensity levels that are provided by most existing digital cameras and electronic display devices. These images potentially allow much greater detail to be viewed in the image and experimental devices are being produced that offer the ability to capture and display this detail. At a recent computer graphics conference one distinguished researcher was asked how one would go about printing HDR images. He responded that such an operation was impossible, with paper having the lowest dynamic range of any media. This sounds like a challenge. This project will investigate ways of printing HDR images by devising cunning ways of working around the limited dynamic range of a single page. This is a truly novel research area, for participants prepared to think outside the box and off the page.


Technical Reports

[1] Benji Euvrard. Printing HDR images: A strategy using multiple transparencies. Technical Report Honours Project Report, Virtual Reality Special Interest Group, Computer Science Department, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, November 2009. [PDF] [BibTeX]

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Printing High Dynamic Range Images