Simulation and Visualization of Fire using Extended Lindenmayer Systems


This research introduces a method of using Lindenmayer Systems to model the spreading and behavior of fire inside a factory building. The research investigates the use of L-System propagated fires for determining factors such as where the fire is most likely to spread first and how fast. It also looks at an alternative way of storing the Lindenmayer System, not in the form of a string but rather as a graph. A variation on the building and traversal process is also investigated, in which the L-System is traversed depth first instead of breadth first. Results of fire propagation are presented and we conclude that L-Systems are a suitable tool for fire propagation.


Conference Papers (peer reviewed)

[1] Tomasz Zaniewski and Shaun Bangay. Simulation and visualization of fire using extended lindenmayer systems. In Afrigraph '03: Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on Computer graphics, virtual Reality, visualisation and interaction in Africa, pages 39–48, Cape Town, South Africa, February 2003. ACM Press, New York, NY, USA. [PDF] [BibTeX]