From virtual to physical reality with paper folding


Objects in a virtual world can be converted into hardcopy by perpendicular projection of each face onto a sheet of paper, cutting and gluing. Current use of this technique is restricted to a limited class of polyhedral objects. This paper extends this process to realistic virtual objects, with the traditional origami restriction of using only a single sheet of paper.

A number of algorithms are explored to achieve this goal. The use of heuristics allows solutions to be found without exhaustive search of all possible layouts. Approaches to deal with pathological cases are described.

The techniques have already been successfully applied to a number of complex models, selected from a number of model archives on the Internet.


Journal Articles

[1] Shaun Bangay. From virtual to physical reality with paper folding. Computational Geometry - Theory and Applications, Special Issue on Virtual Reality, 15(1-3):161–174, February 2000. [PDF] [BibTeX]