30 Days to Build a City: Rapidly Extruding Realistic Virtual Worlds


Models of existing buildings are finding increased application for walkthroughs, visualization and promotional material. This paper describes the modelling of an entire city, including creating realistic models of individual buildings, accurately positioning each structure and adding the surrounding terrain and roads. Each building is matched to the original floor plan, provided with a realistic roof geometry, and painted with colours and textures corresponding to the original structures.

Mechanisms for providing drive-arounds, route finding and attaching multimedia content to the resulting model are investigated.

The techniques described emphasize efficient and realistic model construction. The concepts are applied to a case study: the creation of the virtual Grahamsto wn model. The process of creating this model from initial conception, to finished multimedia presentation took 30 days.


Technical Reports

[1] Shaun Bangay. 30 days to build a city; rapidly extruding realistic virtual worlds. Technical report, Virtual Reality Special Interest Group, Computer Science Department, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, July 1997. [PDF] [BibTeX]