Constructing Virtual Worlds


This report describes the construction of a Virtual Reality Editor, which was built from two different graphical modelling tools. The Editor environment is built from VR386, a real time renderer, whilst the calculation of motion is achieved through XAERO, a solid body modeller. These tools are dynamically linked over an Ethernet network.

The report covers the substantial research that was required in building the link. This research assessed the system components on a technical level, but also sought to bind the design of the Editor to current Virtual Reality principles.

The technique of distributing rendering and motion calculation lends itself to demanding and sophisticated applications of virtual reality, and a description of possible applications is given.


Technical Reports

[1] Bernard Perchman. A design tool for constructing virtual worlds. Technical Report Honours Project Report, Virtual Reality Special Interest Group, Computer Science Department, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, November 1994. [HTML] [BibTeX]