Side-Channel Information: Exploiting Side-Channels to Extract Information Across Domains Details
Effective Communication in Virtual Reality Details
Computation of eigenvalues of Hankel matrices using multiprecision arithmetic Details
Interactive Data Capture Technologies Details
Innovations in Teaching Game related topics and using Gamification Details
Sensing the Physical World Details
Interactions between Players and Games Details
Synthesis and Animation of Procedurally Generated Game Characters Details
Fuzz Generation and Representation Details
A Formal Story Representation for Procedural Story Generation and Analysis Details
Active Gaming as a Mechanism to Promote Physical Activity Details
Emergent Effects in Massive Agent Swarms in Real-Time Game Environments Details
Investigating Techniques for Balancing Complex Multi-Agent Systems Details
Procedural Generation of Synthetic Environments Details
Investigating and Analyzing Refinements to Image Completion Processes Details
Optimisation of Vectobac applications for the blackfly control programme on the Orange River, South Africa Details
Wearing your PIM: Experiments with an Audio Enhanced PIM Details
Scene to adventure game Details
Printing high dynamic range images Details
High level OpenCL implementation Details
Programmer's Editor Details
Crowd Simulation of Pedestrians in a Virtual City Details
Procedural Modeling of Cities implemented as a plug-in for Blender Details
A Procedural, Minimal Input, Natural Terrain Plug-in for Blender Details
Investigation into Image Degradation Due to Effects of Defocus Details
Emergent behaviour in virtual agents Details
An investigation into the creation of a GIMP plugin that performs image segmentation based upon the "GrabCut" method. Details
Analysis of Broad-Phase Spatial Partitioning Optimisations in Collision Detection Details
Conversion of Natural Language Fiction to Graphical Scenes Details
Modelling Cloth Dynamics and Collision Detection Details
Obtaining Bidirectional Texture Reflectance of Human Skin by means of a Kaleidoscope Details
The development of Image Completion and Tutorial plug-ins for GIMP Details
Creating Digital Voices Details
A Procedural Modelling Framework Details
A digital watermarking scheme for Bezier surfaces Details
Relief Texture Mapping Details
Investigating the Development of Colour Interpolation Techniques for GIMP Details
Simulation and Visualization of Fire using Extended Lindenmayer Systems Details
A LightWave 3D Plug-in for Modeling Long Hair on Virtual Humans Details
Methods of Reducing the Visibility of Mach Bands during Gouraud Shading Details
Cooperation through Reinforcement Learning Details
Exploring Rendering Techniques for a Virtual Holodeck Details
Realistic Autonomous Fish for Virtual Reality Details
Pattern recognition for animal identification Details
Practical Modelling of Realistic Plants for a Real-Time 3D Environment Details
Autonomous Dynamically Simulated Creatures for Virtual Environments Details
Experiences in porting a Virtual Reality system to Java Details
Implementation and Applications of the Distortion Operator Details
Super-realistic Rendering using Real-time Tweening Details
Design, Evaluation and Comparison of Evolution and Reinforcement Learning Models. Details
An Investigation of Snow Effects to Enhance the Graphics in Computer Games Details
An Investigation into Virtual Reality Navigation: Travel and Wayfinding in a Virtual Maze Details
Affordable Input Devices for Virtual Reality Details
An Investigation into the Cost Factors Of Special Effects in Computer Graphics Details
Using Texture Mapping Techniques to Simulate Lights and Shadows in Real Time Computer Graphics Details
Vector Field based motion in a Virtual Environment Details
From virtual to physical reality with paper folding Details
Network Visualisation and Virtual Reality Details
VRPhysicsEnvironment - A Framework For Collision Detection and Physical Modelling in a Virtual Environment Details
Towards a Virtual Operating Environment: Exploring Immersive Virtual Interface Design using a Simple VR Image Viewer Details
An Investigation into Neural Interfacing, using an EMG device in Virtual Reality Details
Minimal Motion Capture with Inverse Kinematics for Articulated Human Figure Animation Details
SysHackAdminer : Overcoming host and network security problems through a paradigm shift Details
Animating Avatars Using Motion Capture Data Extracted from Video Stream Data Details
Developing Efficient Graphics Rendering Components Details
Hand gestures as a method of interacting with Virtual Reality Details
An Investigation into the feasibility of Human Facial Modeling Details
Virtual Reality Interaction Techniques Details
An Investigation into Factors influencing Immersion in Interactive Virtual Reality Environments Details
Visiview: A system for the visualization of multi-dimensional data Details
Research into Distributed Virtual Reality for Interactive Visualisation Details
Multi-User, Interactive Virtual Reality via the Internet Details
30 Days to Build a City: Rapidly Extruding Realistic Virtual Worlds Details
Modelling Parallel and Distributed Virtual Reality Systems for Performance Analysis and Comparison Details
Creating Surface Models in Virtual Reality Details
RhoVeR: Building the Second Generation of Parallel/Distributed Virtual Reality Systems Details
Constructing Virtual Worlds Details
A Virtual Modelling Environment Details
Parallel and Distributed Virtual Reality System Architectures Details